Talking about suicide can be a scary subject. But the more people are willing to talk with a friend or family member about suicidal thoughts, the more likely they can help someone take positive steps towards healing.

许多人认为,如果您问某人是否有自杀念头,您可以将这个想法纳入他们的脑海。这是一个神话,精神卫生专业人员鼓励人们提出重要问题并收集事实,以帮助沮丧或感到绝望的人。当有人contemplating suicide, their words and actions can give you clues that they are at risk for hurting themselves.



  • 的历史substance abuse
  • Access to firearms
  • 困难的生活事件
  • 与他人隔离
  • 精神疾病史
  • 的历史physical or sexual abuse
  • Having a terminal or chronic illness
  • Past suicide attempts

The more signs you see, the higher the risk there is for suicide. Though talking about dying is an obvious sign, there are many others that can indicate risk. There are emotional, verbal, and behavior clues you can observe.

Emotional Markerscan include:

  • Feelingdepressed
  • 对活动的缺乏兴趣曾经喜欢
  • Irritability
  • 愤怒
  • bob bet体育
  • 羞耻或屈辱
  • 情绪波动


  • 自杀
  • Their life having no purpose
  • 感觉像个负担
  • 感觉卡住了
  • 不想存在

There are two types of suicidal statements or thoughts. An active statement might be something like, “I’m going to kill myself.” A passive statement might include, “I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up,” or, “I wouldn’t mind if I got hit by a bus.” People often ignore passive statements, but they should be taken just as seriously.

Behavioral Markerscan include:

  • Isolating from others
  • 不与朋友或家人沟通
  • 放弃财产或写下遗嘱
  • Driving recklessly
  • 侵略性增加
  • Increased drug and alcohol use
  • Searching about suicide on the Internet
  • Gathering materials (pills or a weapon)

Older adults also at increased risk for suicide, and they complete suicide at a higher rate than any other age group. They also are especially at risk because they do not usually seek counseling for depression and other mental illnesses. If you see an older adult who stops taking care of their hygiene, is eating poorly, and/or starts giving away their possessions, then you should help them talk to a mental health professional as soon as possible.






许多人不认为childrenand青少年can be at risk for suicide, but they can exhibit warning signs as well. If a child is talking about suicide or wanting to die, always take them seriously. An event or problem that might not seem like a big deal to an adult can be extremely stressful for a child or teenager. Children and teens might be at risk for suicide if they:

  • Experience bullying
  • 失去一个接近他们的人
  • 体验身体,情感或性虐待
  • 滥用毒品或酒精
  • Have a history of mental illness
  • Feel uncertain about their sexual orientation


What You Can Do Today?


If a person is thinking of suicide, it’s also important to ask them if they have a plan. If they say yes, assist them in seeking immediately help. They can simply walk into an emergency room or urgent care clinic, or they can call 911. At any time they can also call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).



Do you know someone who is showing signs of suicide? Visit our suicide prevention page to better understand the risk factors and what you can do to help.


Suicide is preventable, and people who feel hopeless can go on to live full and healthy lives. While you can’t control another person’s action, you can be a powerful and intervening force in their lives. So what can you do today to help a loved one choose life?

Last Updated: May 6, 2021