Best Mental Health Books of 2021
Book recommendations on anxiety, happiness, suicide, trauma and more.
Are You Burned Out? Take Our Burnout Quiz
If you’re feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted at work or in another arena of life, you might be experiencing burnout. Answer these questions to see if you might be experiencing burnout, and find out what to do about it.
Do I Need Therapy? Take Our Quiz
Therapy isn’t only for people diagnosed with mental illnesses. Everyone can benefit. Seeking professional input can be especially helpful when our usual coping strategies (talking to friends, reading, or doing research online) don’t make us feel better. Take this quiz to see if you might benefit from counseling.
Under too much stress?Under Too Much Stress? Here's What You Can Do About It
Stress affects us all from time to time, but how much stress is too much? If you're suffering from the warning signs below, follows these steps to start reducing stress now
how to help kids cope with divorceChildren and Divorce: How to Help Kids Cope with Divorce or Separation
Divorce can be especially hard on children. But how do you know that a child is struggling with divorce? Here, we take a closer look at the warning signs and offer a guide on how to handle it
Burned matches in a row on a blue background. The concept of depression, extinction, illness, burnout, aging. View from above, flatHow to Avoid Burnout
Wondering how to avoid burnout? You aren't alone. 25% of recently surveyed US adults said they feel run down and drained of physical and emotional energy.
Low Self-Esteem Test (Self-Assessment)
If you frequently compare yourself to others, focus heavily on your shortcomings, and/or are quick to dismiss your accomplishments, then you may be suffering from low-self esteem. This test is designed to evaluate whether you may be lacking in self-esteem.
self esteem illoHow to Build Self-Esteem: 5 Tactics to Change How You See Yourself
Everyone experiences bouts of self-doubt, but if low self-esteem is affecting your life, try these 5 tactics to build confidence and boost your self-esteem
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2020